I previously wrote about how CM determines proper inbound call delivery (inc-call-handling-trmt), but might loosely be considered the DID -> Extension association. But… the inc-call-handling-trmt tables only tell CM how to figure out which extension to which a call should be delivered; they don’t actually associate DIDs with extensions. So how does CM determine the outbound calling party number when a station/extension makes an outgoing call? Enter public-unknown-numbering.

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Ever wanted to be able to echo a calling party’s phone number back to them, in much the same way a telco-provided ANI/ALI line does? Here’s a way to do it using the ANI as presented to your PBX by the PSTN. There are a lot of vector steps, and a lot of announcements required. For the announcements specifically – the announcements that are named with only digits are simply those spoken digits (I haven’t bothered customizing this for inflection).

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