I make lists. Lots and lots of lists. They help me not rely on my brain (relying on your brain to remember things is stupid; thanks for teaching me that, TomLim). Here’s an ever-changing list of things that I might take with me when traveling. I don’t take everything on this list every time, nor do I necessarily always put the items in the bag where they’re listed - it depends on the circumstances of each trip.

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I intended to write this immediately after the road trip, but forgot. My memory was jogged by this thread over on AnandTech Off-Topic. Rather than responding directly in that thread, I decided that I’d write a post here, so that I can easily find it in the future, for both personal reference and recommendations for others. Here is some randomly-sorted advice, some of which may not be applicable to short drives (and by “short” I mean a couple of days or less):

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Over on AndroidCentral, everyone seems to be discussing favorite Android hardware and software of 2014. While I don’t have nearly enough experience with Android hardware and software for me to make a reasonable blog post about it, I have gained experience with other hardware and software this year, many of which warrant mention. One big difference between AndroidCentral’s posts and mine: I don’t write briefly. Verbosity is my style, when left to my own devices.

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