There are occasionally times when you wish to directly leave a message in someone’s voice mailbox, without first ringing their phone. Or, more often, you wish to transfer a caller directly to someone else’s voice mailbox without disturbing the called party. This solution allows for both of these situations. The vector simply asks you what mailbox number you wish to leave a message for, and then transfers you to that mailbox.

Note that the minimum effective COR for this call will be enforced, so if COR 6 doesn’t have permission to access the voice messaging system, the call will be waved off rather than completed.

display vector 120                                              Page   1 of   6
                                  CALL VECTOR

    Number: 120              Name: VM Txfr
Multimedia? n      Attendant Vectoring? n    Meet-me Conf? n           Lock? n
     Basic? y   EAS? y   G3V4 Enhanced? y   ANI/II-Digits? y   ASAI Routing? y
 Prompting? y   LAI? y  G3V4 Adv Route? y   CINFO? y   BSR? y   Holidays? y
 Variables? y   3.0 Enhanced? y
01 collect      4    digits after announcement 3461     for C
02 goto step    5             if digits           =      ????
03 goto step    1             if unconditionally
04 wait-time    1   secs hearing ringback
05 messaging    skill 99   for extension C
06 stop
list announcement 3461

                           ANNOUNCEMENTS/AUDIO SOURCES
Announcement                                                  Source      Num of
Extension             Type       Name                        Pt/Bd/Grp    Files
3461                  integrated vm-transfer                  G2          2

Script: “Please enter the 4-digit extension for the mailbox you wish to be transferred to.”

display vdn 3299                                                Page   1 of   3
                            VECTOR DIRECTORY NUMBER

                             Extension: 3299
                                 Name*: VM Txfr
                           Destination: Vector Number        120
                   Attendant Vectoring? n
                  Meet-me Conferencing? n
                    Allow VDN Override? y
                                   COR: 6
                                   TN*: 1
                              Measured: none

        VDN of Origin Annc. Extension*:
                            1st Skill*:
                            2nd Skill*:
                            3rd Skill*:

* Follows VDN Override Rules
display vdn 3299                                                Page   2 of   3
                            VECTOR DIRECTORY NUMBER

                            AUDIX Name:
                   Return Destination*:
               VDN Timed ACW Interval*:      After Xfer or Held Call Drops*? n
                      BSR Application*:
         BSR Available Agent Strategy*: 1st-found      Used for BSR Polling? n
                     BSR Tie Strategy*: system

               Observe on Agent Answer? n

  Send VDN as Called Ringing Name Over QSIG? n

              Display VDN for Route-To DAC*? n
            VDN Override for ASAI Messages*: no

                       BSR Local Treatment*? n

              Reporting for PC or POM Calls? n
           Pass Prefixed CPN to VDN/Vector*? system
* Follows VDN Override Rules
display vdn 3299                                                Page   3 of   3
                            VECTOR DIRECTORY NUMBER

                                VDN VARIABLES*

                    Var  Description       Assignment

                    VDN Time-Zone Offset*: + 00:00
                    Daylight Saving Rule*: system
 Use VDN Time Zone For Holiday Vectoring*? n
    Apply Ringback for Auto Answer calls*? y

* Follows VDN Override Rules