From time to time, you might find that you need to be able to dial an extension (or DID) that transfers the caller directly to a voice mailbox that belongs to a specific (different) extension.

This is very easy:

display vector 199                                              Page   1 of   6
                                  CALL VECTOR

    Number: 199              Name: ToVM-Var-V1
Multimedia? n      Attendant Vectoring? n    Meet-me Conf? n           Lock? n
     Basic? y   EAS? y   G3V4 Enhanced? y   ANI/II-Digits? y   ASAI Routing? y
 Prompting? y   LAI? y  G3V4 Adv Route? y   CINFO? y   BSR? y   Holidays? y
 Variables? y   3.0 Enhanced? y
01 wait-time    2   secs hearing ringback
02 messaging    skill 99   for extension V1
03 stop

There’s only one effective instruction in this vector: transfer the caller to the messaging solution, using the destination mailbox number specified in variable V1.

Variables V1-V9 are set in VDN configuration (and can be overridden if the call traverses over multiple VDNs, if allowed). The below example is for a VDN at extension 3388, which sends the caller to the mailbox associated with extension 3389.

display vdn 3388                                                Page   1 of   3
                            VECTOR DIRECTORY NUMBER

                             Extension: 3388
                                 Name*: ToVM-x3389
                           Destination: Vector Number        199
                   Attendant Vectoring? n
                  Meet-me Conferencing? n
                    Allow VDN Override? n
                                   COR: 1
                                   TN*: 1
                              Measured: none

        VDN of Origin Annc. Extension*:
                            1st Skill*:
                            2nd Skill*:
                            3rd Skill*:

* Follows VDN Override Rules
display vdn 3388                                                Page   2 of   3
                            VECTOR DIRECTORY NUMBER

                            AUDIX Name:
                   Return Destination*:
               VDN Timed ACW Interval*:      After Xfer or Held Call Drops*? n
                      BSR Application*:
         BSR Available Agent Strategy*: 1st-found      Used for BSR Polling? n
                     BSR Tie Strategy*: system

               Observe on Agent Answer? n

  Send VDN as Called Ringing Name Over QSIG? n

              Display VDN for Route-To DAC*? n
            VDN Override for ASAI Messages*: no

                       BSR Local Treatment*? n

              Reporting for PC or POM Calls? n
           Pass Prefixed CPN to VDN/Vector*? system
* Follows VDN Override Rules
display vdn 3388                                                Page   3 of   3
                            VECTOR DIRECTORY NUMBER

                                VDN VARIABLES*

                    Var  Description       Assignment
                    V1   Mailbox Ext       3389

                    VDN Time-Zone Offset*: + 00:00
                    Daylight Saving Rule*: system
 Use VDN Time Zone For Holiday Vectoring*? n
    Apply Ringback for Auto Answer calls*? y

* Follows VDN Override Rules